Launching Fall 2021 in the Northwest Twin Cities

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Be part of God’s world-transforming work.

There’s so much joy available in small things — a cup of great coffee, your loved ones gathered together, or a job well done. Even when things could be better, it almost feels selfish to ask for more.

But from time to time, do you ever look up from small moments of joy and feel a quiet sense of dissatisfaction? Do you wonder, Shouldn’t my life be contributing to something bigger?

Perhaps you have gifts or talents you’ve rarely shared, or relationships you hope to deepen but can’t. And then there are people you think you should be able to help, but you just can’t find the time, energy, or opportunity.

And every once in a while, you look out at the wider world. You see the pain, hunger, and hurt, then wish you could do something about it. But your own circumstances, the daily rhythm of life, and the demands of just being you hold you back.

So if you ever feel like you want to live into something larger but aren’t sure how to do it, we understand. That’s how we felt, too.

But we discovered our lives were about more than ourselves and the small circle we had created. We had to get out of our tiny comfortable bubble and reach for something greater.

This is what we found, and this is what we want to invite you to experience:

  • the space to discover your limitless value,
  • a place where you can inspire others to do the same,
  • rich soil where you and those you love can grow,
  • and a launch pad for anyone who wants to go and partner with God in his world-transforming work.
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A Little About Us

Pastor Catalin Dima came to know the Lord as a teenager in Communist Romania. He immigrated to the United States and married the love of his life, Kelly, in 2004. Together, Catalin and Kelly have over 50 years of ministry experience. They are excited to start Influence Church in Fall of 2021. From a very young age they both have felt a call to help people discover that living for God is the way to live a meaningful life. Catalin’s interests include chocolate, Coca-Cola, and Clash of Clans.

Catalin and Kelly live in the Twin Cities with their sons Alec, Manny, and Benjamin.


We invite you to Influence Church, where you can look up, expand your vision, and influence your world.

We invite you to Influence Church, where you can look up, expand your vision, and influence your world.
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